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It's Caliente.... Hot!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Our New 2018 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

If you’ve been a fan of Benjamin Moore Paints for awhile now, you’re probably as excited as we are around this time of year. Why is that? Well, it’s time to announce the color of the year! Every year, the Benjamin Moore Design Team picks a different color to highlight for an entire year. 2017 belonged to a beautiful, deep purple named Shadow. This royally majestic color won over many paint lovers due to it’s versatility and bold elegance. But Shadow will soon be a thing of the past. The new year is almost upon us, so now it’s time to see which color will win our hearts…

Our 2018 Color of the year is AF-290 Caliente, a strong, radiant red that is full of energy and poise!

A Little History on Red Paints…

Red is probably the most dramatic and distinguished color we know. It represents so much; from strong emotion to grabbing attention. We see red when we think of passion and fire. And as the design team at Benjamin Moore describes it, “Red is a radical color that signifies change and strength. It is happy, smart, and desire. Red is primary, symbolic, and confident.”

Why Are We So Excited About Caliente?

Shadow introduced us to bold, dark hues that dared us to paint on the dark side. Now we have Caliente…a warm, vibrant color that invites us to tap into our playful side. The design team travelled far and wide to find this color that is a reflection of international design and modern day architecture and art. It will make any room feel special, almost like a red-carpet inspired elegance.

While other paint makers are clinging to soothing blues and greens, our color has been considered a must-have for anyone looking to make a statement both inside and on the exterior of their home!

How Should You Showcase Caliente?

Caliente belongs to a color palette of 22 other colors that range from sweet Pleasant Pink to Black Beauty. Each color works together to freshen up any room with energy that will catch anyone’s attention. If you’re seeking a simple, minimalist look, Caliente comes to life with blues, whites, and greys. Just dash a layer on an accent wall and your room will transform instantly!

If you’ve placed wood in your home, Caliente is a great choice! The color brings out the untones and rustic grooves of both deep cherry woods and slightly faded seawoods. Next to grey, Caliente brings out and livens the color against any backdrop. Try using grey pillows or painting an opposite wall to compliment both colors.

We’re The Color Expert So You Don’t Have To Be!

As mentioned before, there are 22 other colors that share a color palette with Caliente. And each color has it’s own story and unique flair that’s given it an identity and name. Instead of attempting to blend and accent them all together, let us help you find the right colors in the palette to go with your rooms. Oh, and did we mention that we have over 3500 other colors to choose from?

Benjamin Moore colors range across the entire color spectrum! No matter what your mood and styles are, we’ll find a paint to match! Stop by our store today!

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