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Using Paint to Create the Perfect Mood

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Painting your space can be a fun and relaxing process. A room can literally be transformed right before your eyes with a few coats. But have you ever thought about what colors would set the perfect mood? Every color option has a story, and can be used to bring out the exact emotion and intention you’d like to create for that space.

In this article, we’ll go over some of your favorite room colors and give you a little more insight as to what ambience they create.

Let’s Start With The Color White

OC-67 White Mist

Most people consider white to be the absence of all color, but that is not the case. White is associated with feeling clean and pure. It’s a reflection of innocence. So, when it comes to paint, white can be seen as the starting point to your project…a blank canvas.

Yellow Is The Color Of Happiness

CSP-955 Hannah Banana, CSP-630 After Midnight

Are you looking for to add freshness and optimism to your room? Try yellow! The color yellow brings clarity and enlightenment to people. As a room color, it will brighten up dark spaces in very little time. Try a nice golden color to add happiness without making the walls too bright.

Orange Brings Out Sunshine

CSP-1145 Tomato Tango, OC-32 Tapestry Beige, OC-60 Icicle

When people think of sunshine, they automatically think of a bright yellow sun. Would you believe that orange is actually associated more with brightness than yellow? Orange is the color of joy and creativity. Use this color in places where you’d like to be encouraged to be creative, like in an office or study.

Red And Intensity

2007-10 Smoldering Red

Red and pink have long been seen as colors of love and passion. But on the color wheel, red is associated with fire, strength, and war. It’s an intense color that is made to bring out strong emotions and moods. As a paint color, red can be kinda tricky. If you’re tempted to use it, try a deep red as an accent for a hint of strength.

Green Promotes Growth

HC-115 Georgian Green, OC-30 Gray Mist

Green has gotten the reputation of being the color of money. Yes, this is true, but it’s so much more than that. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and nature. It sets the perfect mood for renewal and energy. As a paint, green can bring a healthy dose of curiosity and natural balance to a room.

Purple Is King!

2074-20 Summer Plum

Looking for a royal look? Try purple! Over the centuries, purple has represented royalty and nobility. Nowadays, purple has also been used to represent luxury and power. As for moods, if you’re feeling ambitious, you’ll want to paint your walls purple. Deep purples are great for a powerful elegant feel, while light purples like lilac can feel pleasant.

Blue For Depth

AF-580 Luxe, AF-5 Frostine

Feeling a little “blue?” Well, blue no longer means you’re feeling sad. Blue is connected to feeling depth and stability. It represents harmony between the mind and body. If you need a place to calm down, create a “blue” room in your home. The tranquility you’ll feel will make a huge difference after a stressful day.

Black For Commitment

21201-10 Jet Black

Of all the colors you can choose, black is the most serious and mysterious. Black is reserved for formal settings. It brings out elegance. As a paint, black walls dominate everything else in the room. If you’d like to add a formal touch to a space, use black paint sparingly. Focus on working with multiple colors that will sharpen the color black without allowing it to take over the room.

What Color Is Your Favorite?

When painting, mixing and matching primary and accent colors can create strong moods and uniqueness. It’s the perfect place to start!

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