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Beautiful on the Outside, Timeless on the Inside

If you’ve been following Benjamin Moore over the last few months, you’ve heard our big news already. We’ve got a new Color of the Year for 2018: AF-290 Caliente. This vibrant red was selected based on it’s fiery and confident personality that infuses happiness and radiance into our lives. But did you know this paint color, along with all the paints found at Benjamin Moore dealers, is more than just a dynamic and flashy color?

At Benjamin Moore, we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best base paint and color mixtures. In this article, let’s explore what’s going on below Caliente’s surface and why we guarantee you’ll fall in love with our paints.

Perfect Color Aesthetics

Most paints you see on the market today use black and gray colorants to “improve” the look of their paint. At Benjamin Moore, we use a multi-pigment color formula to draw out more-defined paint shades. So, to put it in basic terms: there is no filler in your paint. We use only premium chemicals that are unique to Benjamin Moore paints to compose your products, which is why people come back to our company time after time to buy paints and colors they can trust.

Also, paints that contain fillers don’t show the same brilliant effects that you’ll find in a Benjamin Moore paint. What your paint on the wall is what you get, but in a good way. There will be no surprises. As sunlight crosses the wall, or new furniture is added to the room, your paint will still impress you with its appeal and radiance.

Storytelling in Every Room

When you step into a room, what is the first thing you see? If the walls are covered in Benjamin Moore paint, we’re sure that’s what you’ll notice. Our paints are designed to express emotion and bring feeling into your room: that’s mainly why we host a Color of the Year. Each color we offer has a unique name that connects to the story and identity of that color. Take Intuition, a lovely light blue shade we offer that symbolises peace and tranquility. As you walk into a room paint in Intuition, you’ll begin to feel calm and rested.

For Caliente, the mood can be playful or bold confidence, depending on how you accent with other Benjamin Moore paints and your furnishings. And since red is considered a distinguished color, it won’t be hard to find the right ways to compliment Caliente in any room.

True Staying Power Over Time

There is a science behind our paint compositions. We use Color Lock technology to enhance our paints and how they react to the surfaces in your home. Benjamin Moore paints are unique because they bond to the walls of your home to create a tight seal that locks in the color for extended periods of time. Even after repeated washing, the paint will still remain true to its original shade.

Ready To Get Started?

Benjamin Moore offers over 3,000 color shades to choose from. At first glance, that can be very intimidating. That’s why we’re here. If you’re interested in trying out Caliente, come by our shop and see our color wall. We’ll show you how versatile the paint can be, and help you can pair this beautiful color with others in the palette. And if Caliente’s a little too hot for you, we’re sure you’ll find a shade that’s just right!

Benjamin Moore colors range across the entire color spectrum! No matter what your mood and styles are, we’ll find a paint to match!

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