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NEW Benjamin Moore AURA®!

Benjamin Moore Aura Has a New Look and New Formula

AURA® not only has a new look but a new formula. Why the change, you might ask...

A new proprietary resin, our system of enhanced pigments, and other cutting-edge chemistry from our R&D lab heighten the beauty and performance of AURA® Interior paint.

If you want breathtaking color with unparalleled depth and richness, you’ll find it in Benjamin Moore’s most premium paint, AURA® Interior.


Already in a class by itself for deep, rich color that lasts, we’ve elevated AURA® Interior even further. Our ultra-premium interior paint is now even more beautiful, more durable, and longer lasting than ever before.

The advanced formula for AURA® includes three key elements that set it apart:

  • The new acrylic resin, available only in AURA® Interior, uses a unique and proprietary formulation of copolymers that increase film durability.

  • Exclusive to AURA® paint, Colour Lock® ensures long-lasting colour by seamlessly locking pigments into the film of AURA® paint.

  • Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® colorant—available in all our premium paints.


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